Family ZOO
The Story

Build the Family Zoo

Years ago, the Family Zoo was the pride of the neighborhood. Kids and their families would visit from all over the country just to meet all the exotic animals.

But those days are over. Today, the zoo is just a vacant lot. Cages are empty, the pens are in ruins and nobody bothers visiting anymore. The city even wants to destroy it completely and build an ugly supermarket instead.

You can’t let that happen!

Choose from thousands of decorations to build your own zoo. Attract new visitors with fast food stands, coffee shops and rides. Complete quests to advance the story and earn more rewards.

Join Charlotte the Zoo Keeper and her many friends, and help them restore the Family Zoo!

Play With Cute Animals

Visit the different areas in the Family Zoo and play with cute animals from around the globe.

From the proud lion to the majestic rhinoceros - you have plenty of furry friends to welcome to the zoo you built with your own hands.

As you play, you will unlock new areas and new animals. Colorful birds, cheeky monkeys and adorable pandas will join your zoo as you expand and renovate it.

Meet new and old friends, and work together to make sure all the animals have a place to live. They are counting on you - can you save their home?

Solve Match-3 Puzzles

Family Zoo: The Story is a match-3 puzzle game. Switch and match your way through hundreds of addictive levels and bring new animals to the zoo.

Solve the puzzles to earn tickets and materials. Then, rebuild the zoo and decorate the animal habitats and surrounding gardens.

You don’t just swipe, match and crush when playing the match-3 levels. You smash explosive watermelons, blow up pumpkin bombs, and use other wacky boosters to enhance your fun!

Build a zoo, play with cute animals and solve match 3 puzzles - all in one game!