Family ZOO
The Story

Power Ups & Boosters

Family Zoo: The Story is a challenging match-3 game. For time to time, you might need a little help solving a level and getting on with the fun story.

That is the reason why the game offers a few powers-up and boosters that can give you an advantage when tackling a particularly tough level. Bear in mind that none of these boosters is mandatory to clear any level. You can always take all the time you need to try and solve them all on your own.

In case you don want to use a booster or two, we thought you might want to know what they do in advance. That way, you can make the right choice without wasting these precious items on trial and error.

Power Ups

Power Ups can be earned during the level, by matching together 4 or more fruits.


Explosive Grapefruit

Match 4 fruits to create an Explosive Grapefruit. It’s the smallest bomb in the game and has a radius of 1x titles.


Mango Boom

The Mango Boom is created by matching 5 fruits. It has an explosion with a radius of 2x titles.


Watermelon Splash

Match together 6 fruits and get the Watermelon Splash. It explodes everything in a 3x title radius.


Big Barrel

The biggest bomb in the game. Match 7 or more fruits to get a Big Barrel. When used, it produces a massive fruit explosion.


Boosters are similar to Power Ups, but can be activated before the level begins. That way you can ensure you start the level with an advantage, and won’t have to rely on luck.

Some Boosters are the same as some Power Ups, while others cannot be created by matching fruit. The latter can be earned by playing the game, or purchased for Coins.



The Rocket booster is unlocked on level 12, and let you start a level with 2 Rockets somewhere on the grid.

A Rocket destroys a row of tiles vertically or horizontally, depending on the direction you move it. Bear in mind that only tiles in the Rocket’s trajectory will be destroyed.


Crazy Orange

The Crazy Orange booster unlocks on level 16, and creates 1 Crazy Orange on the grid.

A Crazy Orange removes all the tiles on the grid with the fruit you match it with. For example, should you match it with a red apple, all red apples will disappear from the grid.

You can also gain the Crazy Orange booster automatically after using multiple bomb Power Ups.


Watermelon Splash & Crazy Orange

The Watermelon Splash & Crazy Orange booster spawns 1 Watermelon Splash and 1 Crazy Orange on the grid.

A Watermelon Splash is the second best bomb Power Up available in the game, and can also be created by matching 6 fruits.



The Rake unlocks on level 5 and is a little different than the other boosters. You don’t have to select the Rake booster at the beginning of the level to use it. Instead, you can use it at any time during the level.

When activated, the Rake removes 1 tile of your choice from the grid. It might not seem like a lot, but removing one particularly stubborn fruit can change the outcome of any level.

You can use as many as you have per-level, and purchase more using Coins.