Family ZOO
The Story



Charlotte is the trusty and peppy Zoo Keeper, and the main character in Family Zoo: The Story.

She is serious, organized, and ambitious business woman who knows how to get things going. But at her heart, Charlotte only wants to see the animals return to a safe place where they can thrive.

But she can’t do it all alone. That’s why she needs you to help her achieve this important goal. Let’s do it together!


Jack is a master of all trades. He can build and fix absolutely everything. His recent experience with restoring yards has lead him to open his own company – “Jack of all trades”.

He is also a very good friend of Charlotte and is always ready to help her with any work the zoo may require. Even if it’s building a playground for Panthers at 6am in the morning.

Jack is kind and he is not afraid of any job.  


Jerry is a neighbor of Charlotte. He is an old-fashioned romantic and a real gentleman.

He is always ready and willing to help his friends with whatever they need. Luckily for Charlotte, Jerry considers her a very close friend, and will everything he can to save the Family Zoo.

Whether you need help with renovating the zoo, or just looking a good advice – Jerry will always be there for you and Charlotte.

Tiger’s family

Tiger is the first animal you bring to the Family Zoo. As the game progresses, you can continue to expand and improve its habitat to make him as comfortable and as happy as possible.

However, Tiger will eventually become lonely. That’s when Charlotte will come up the idea of bringing over a female tigress from another zoo, and help the two start a family.

Meet the Tiger family:

  • Dad Tiger – strong and sporty.
  • Mom Tigress – graceful, caring and serious like all moms.
  • Baby Tiger – playful, very active and fun.

Of course, there are plenty of other animals to unlock and play with. Unleash your inner zookeeper!

As the Family Zoo keeps growing and thriving, it will attract more visitors and more helpful characters.

Hopefully, more animals will start their own family, and you’ll have plenty of cute animals babies running around the place.

Stay tuned for the coming updates!